Looking into study abroad options… and I change my mind where I want to go every minute. London? Cape Town? Somewhere in Australia? Help?

Hannah on the train
The last of the fair.
Exploring an empty water park.

I want to take a moment and write something. I’m not good with words. Usually, when I want to post something on here I spend an hour typing it, then I post it and delete it immediately. Lately I have just been so incredibly inspired. I have been reading “Please Kill Me,” a book that is that has provided me with more information on the history of rock and roll than anything. It has given me a greater understanding to the music I listen to, as well as photograph. The book is written with excerpts from interviews, and within this book music journalist and photographers play a roll almost as strong as the musicians. Although music journalism, and it’s role in culture, has transformed completely in the past forty years, give or take, this book has reiterated the aspirations that I had when I first picked up a camera. Basically, I just wanted to say that I’m feeling inspired.

mystery cabin